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Cartoon over Tango, dans

Danscartoon: Tango Troubles

4 december 2018 - Redactie

'As an artist, a writer, a woman and a human I like to share experiences. I tell stories to compel others to tell theirs. In this comic I raise the question about boundaries and expectations. To uncover the dark spots, the hidden stories that went too far. Not to hang anybody out to dry. But to address the delicate matter of trust and boundaries in relationship to ourselves and people in positions of power.

What started as a flirt, ended with a bra falling to the floor and closing curtains with a complete stranger that had found me on Facebook. What could have been a romantic moment became something else completely. That's why I am sharing this story, to empower us to address and speak up about these confusing and possibly pleasant or unpleasant situations.' - Lena GlücksmanNilsson

Cartoon over Tango, dans

Cartoon over Tango, dans

Deze cartoon maakt deel uit van Verhalen van Vrouwen.
Illustraties door La Nonette en Studio Doeke. Productie door The Graphic Story. 
Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Het BankGiro Loterij fonds, Stichting in Lijn en The Graphic Story